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Keeping the rail industry on track

A strong and competitive railway traffic sector – this objective stands at the very top of our agenda. We want to encourage the growth of railway traffic – by far the most climate- and environment-friendly form of transportation. With modern, high-performance fleets, our member companies ensure that railway traffic keeps rolling smoothly. They drive innovation and digitalisation in the sector to make rail transport fit for logistics chains 4.0. As their industry association, we work to ensure that the right conditions exist for these efforts.

Our objectives

  • Fair competition

    Unequal conditions distort competition in the freight industry and often lend an advantage to competing road transport. This has to change. We strive to ensure true-cost pricing and fair competition conditions between the modes of transport.

  • Well regulated

    The focus of our work: European harmonisation of norms and technical standards relating to railway transport. Where over-regulation threatens to impede innovation and growth, we strive to facilitate a streamlining of processes.

  • Safety on the rails

    The keepers of railway freight wagons and their “entity in charge of maintenance” are responsible for the maintenance of their fleet. Our service company “VPI European Rail Service GmbH” (VERS) supports the industry in accomplishing this task – such as with the VPI European Maintenance Guide (VPI-EMG) and technical assessments of workshops.

  • Climate-friendly and quiet

    Our mode of transport produces 80 per cent lower CO2 emissions per tonne and kilometre compared with transport by truck. Investments in rail transport therefore represent active climate protection efforts. Another thing is also clear: more traffic on rails requires the acceptance of the local population. Together with the players in the sector, we work towards efficient and economical concepts for noise reduction.

  • Optimal networking

    We maintain good connections and open dialogue – with businesses, administrative agencies, public authorities, policymakers, associations and citizens. As an active member of the International Union of Wagon Keepers (UIP), we are in constant contact with the relevant EU committees. We bring the sector together with industry events and offer opportunities for dialogue and networking.

  • Innovative and digital

    Our member companies get innovation rolling to improve the efficiency, safety and productivity of railway traffic. We support them in these efforts. In Berlin and Brussels, we lobby for the introduction of key technologies such as digital automatic coupling. In the committees and working groups of the sector, we work to achieve innovation-friendly conditions.