Our focus topics for a strong rail sector

As the industry association for wagon keepers and workshops, we focus on topics relating to all aspects of freight wagons. This includes technical developments as well as matters concerning standards and regulations. Progress in our specific topics has positive impacts on railway traffic as a whole.

However, one thing is also clear: To significantly increase the volume of goods traveling by rail, the efficiency and competitiveness of the entire system must be improved. As part of the rail family, we therefore always keep an eye on the sector as a whole as well as developments in transportation policy.

At the same time, we focus on the interests of the sector so that railway traffic can grow as a whole and play to it strengths.

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Standards matter, especially in a business as dependent on interoperability as railway traffic. VPI and its member companies are active in many ways within European and international standardisation bodies.

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Noise protection

The growth of rail traffic requires the acceptance of the local population. Private keepers are making their contribution: We have cut the rolling noise of wagons in half through the use of whisper brakes.

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The General Contract of Use for Wagons (GCU) – anyone working in the railway traffic sector is familiar with this contractual framework with a somewhat ungainly name. It regulates the rights and obligations between wagon keepers and railway undertakings. 

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Transportation policy

Policymakers have realised that a green transportation revolution is only possible with railways. The target has been set: at least 25 percent market share by 2030 in Germany, 30 percent at the European level. To accomplish this, we must pick up the pace.