Competence and service

VERS keeps service on track – all across Europe

VPI European Rail Service GmbH (VERS) is a subsidiary of VPI. The company provides a wide range of services for VPI members and other companies in the railway traffic sector. Our best-known product is the VPI European Maintenance Guide (VPI-EMG).

VPI website

VPI is the industry association for private keepers of wagons as well as workshops in Germany. Its goal is to ensure a good technical, legal and operational framework in railway traffic. Together with over 265 member companies, VPI offers sustainable and economical solutions to promote the growth of the railway sector – within the various committees and working groups of the sector and as a strong voice to advise policymakers in Berlin.

Technical assessment

A successful audit by VERS is considered a sought-after verification of quality for workshops. Keepers and ECMs can be confident that these workshops operate reliably on the basis of the VPI-EMG.

Finding workshops

Our database offers the ability to search specifically for services in over 200 workshops that have undergone technical assessments.


Our VPI European Maintenance Guide – VPI-EMG for short – offers wagon keepers practical recommendations for the organisation of a modern maintenance management system that can be employed across Europe.

VPI-EMG recipients

Who makes use of the VPI-EMG? The list of recipients of our guide for maintenance of wagons offers an overview.