Keeping well on track

88,000 wagons, 300 members, 1 association

VPI is the industry association for private keepers of wagons as well as workshops in Germany. We ensure a good technical, legal and operational framework in railway traffic. Together with our member companies, we work for a strong rail sector. Since 1921.

We offer sustainable and economical solutions to promote the growth of the railway sector – within the various committees and working groups of the sector and as a strong voice to advise policymakers in Berlin. Representing the interests of the industry is one pillar of our association; the other is our broad range of services. VPI is known throughout Europe for its maintenance guide for wagons, the VPI-EMG.

VERS service throughout Europe

VPI European Rail Service GmbH (VERS) bundles the service portfolio of VPI with respect to wagons and workshops. The company’s offerings include the VPI-EMG, Assessment and Certification of workshops and an ever-expanding training programme.

Activities and goals of VPI

  • Fair competition

    The conditions for competition between modes of transport must be balanced.

  • Well regulated

    Norms and standards establish the framework for innovation and interoperability.

  • Safety on the rails

    Reliable and safe rail transport: Current maintenance recommendations of the VPI European Maintenance Guide.

  • Climate-friendly and quiet

    Goods transport by rail is active climate protection. Quiet technology improves acceptance.

  • Optimal networking

    The rail sector needs strong partners. We are in constant dialogue with business, policymakers and administrative agencies.

  • Innovative and digital

    Moving the sector forward: with digitalisation and automation of assets and processes.


Standards matter, especially in a business as dependent on interoperability as railway traffic. VPI and its member companies are active in many ways within European and international standardisation bodies.

Noise protection

The growth of rail traffic requires the acceptance of the local population. Private keepers are making their contribution: We have cut the rolling noise of wagons in half through the use of whisper brakes.