The Verein für Normung und Weiterentwicklung des Bahnwesens, NWB e.V., [Association for Standardisation and Development of the Railway Industry] and the Standards Committee Railway (DIN FSF) selected VPI chairperson Malte Lawrenz as a member of their advisory board and managing board during their September session. Lawrenz will be representing the interests of wagon keepers in both boards, taking over for Jürgen Hüllen, formerly of VTG AG.

“Standardisation work plays an important role in the transfer of innovations into the market. The work in the corresponding boards establishes the basis for whether a technology will succeed on a market as reliant on interoperability as the railway traffic sector,” says Malte Lawrenz of his work on the boards. He calls on the companies in the industry to increasingly lend their expert knowledge to national and international committees for the definition of DIN standards. Appropriate standards are important factors in the competitiveness of the railway industry, according to Lawrenz.

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