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VPI General Assembly 2022

DB Netz must transform itself from showstopper to service provider

VPI Chairman Malte Lawrenz calls for immediate realignment of infrastructure manager

Speaking to the 145 representatives of the VPI wagon keepers' association in Berlin today, Chairman Malte Lawrenz called for a strategy for network modernisation that ensures the performance of rail freight transport. "The weak performance of DB Netz is no longer acceptable. We need an infrastructure operator that sees itself as a service provider to the sector and fulfils this role professionally. This includes coordinated, intelligent construction site planning that involves all players and reduces disruptions to a minimum," Lawrenz emphasised. Even under the conditions of a general renovation, he said, an efficient and reliable network must be ensured. "If the situation does not improve, we risk losing traffic instead of growing strongly as politically desired," Lawrenz fears. It remains to be seen whether a new DB-internal appointment to the infrastructure board can provide the necessary impetus for a reorientation.

From the point of view of the wagon keepers, the services that DB Netz can be expected to provide to the sector also include the passing on of data collected during operation. Their evaluation is often a prerequisite for the development of forward-looking maintenance of freight wagons. Lawrenz warned: "DB Netz's self-image vis-à-vis the private players in the network must become more cooperative in order to strengthen the rail system."

In the direction of politics, Lawrenz demanded that the verbal tailwind for the railways be followed by deeds. The necessary financial resources for infrastructure renovation and expansion as well as digitisation must be significantly increased. Projects such as ETCS, Deutschlandtakt and Digital Automatic Coupling should be implemented with more speed.

Report from Brussels on Digital Automatic Coupling

Jens Engelmann, Programme Manager in the European DAC Delivery Programme (EDDP), and Matthias Knüpling, Member of Programme Board and WP 5 in the EDDP, gave the representatives an update on the current progress towards the Europe-wide introduction of DAK. They reported that the migration study and the cost-benefit analysis have now been completed. This means that two important milestones have been reached on which further work in Europe can be based.

New member of the VPI Advisory Board: Gert Sieksmeyer

Gert Sieksmeyer, Managing Director of Dettmer Rail, was admitted to the VPI Advisory Board during the General Assembly. The advisory board is the highest decision-making body of the association. Sieksmeyer replaces Torben Knief from BP, who served on the board for five years.

Get-together above the roofs of Berlin

The VPI traditional evening event following the general meeting was fully booked. 270 representatives from wagon keeper and workshop companies, RUs, railway industry, associations, administration and politics want to take the opportunity to network at the VPI after a two-year break.

22nd Technical Information Meeting (TIV) on 23 June

Also in attendance will be the TIV on the day following the general meeting. The wide range of topics at this year's event extends from wheelsets, brakes and non-destructive testing to digital automatic coupling. This event is also fully booked. In addition to technical lectures and expert panels, technology to touch will be presented at the TIV for the first time: two models of the DAK and an eddy current tester for non-destructive testing on wheelsets.

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