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Sought-after quality verification

Our assessments and certifications help ensure a network of high-quality workshop services spanning Europe

A technical assessment by VERS serves workshops as a much sought-after verification of their level of quality. It represents an evaluation of their ability to implement the maintenance recommendations of the VPI-EMG.

Our ECM certifications of maintenance entities according to Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/779 are recognised throughout Europe. With this certification, the entities in charge of maintenance for freight wagons can demonstrate that they meet the requirements of the “ECM Regulation”.

Find certified companies

Our database offers the ability to search specifically for services in over 250 workshops that have undergone technical assessments and/or maintenance entities that have received certification.

Our services

Workshops that offer maintenance according to the VPI-EMG and wagon maintenance entities can have their qualifications confirmed with an audit by VERS. 


VERS has built up a network of competent auditors who carry out technical assessments of workshops and/or ECM certifications of wagon maintenance entities across Europe.


Thomas Schulte-Zweckel

Head of Assessment & Certification

T +49 40 226 59 21 - 42