Quality policy

The consistent quality of our services and processes is the foundation of our long-term successful business activity.

For us, quality means going beyond simply meeting customer expectations and legal requirements. Instead, we strive to exceed them wherever possible.

Therefore, we consider quality to be an important criterion for a stable, long-lasting customer relationship.

Our processes are transparent and clearly defined. They are subject to continuous improvement and further development.

All employees are committed to guaranteeing consistently high quality in the interest of our customers.

Our employees’ understanding and awareness of quality are the prerequisite for our customers’ satisfaction.

VPI European Rail Service GmbH is a reliable national and international partner and service provider.

The management team is firmly committed to consistently applying and continuously improving the quality management system.

VPI European Rail Service GmbH in Hamburg
has been certified according to ISO 9001 since 8 July 2021.


These are the core elements of our quality policy:

  1. Through technically and organisationally unique services in Europe, we permanently promote environmentally friendly and safe railway freight transport for the protection of our environment and fellow human beings.

  2. We work every day to support our customers in their railway freight activities through maintenance recommendations, technical assessments and training.

  3. Our commitment to the quality policy shows our dedication to our customers. We meet customer demands by continuously improving the products and services we offer in order to achieve or guarantee customer satisfaction.

  4. We strive to always maintain our customers’ satisfaction by ensuring straightforward order processing without compromising on safety.

  5. In the interest of our employees, it is also important to us to constantly improve the work processes in order to ensure faster and enhanced order processing.

  6. Our quality policy is communicated and implemented at all levels of the organisation through training processes and periodic meetings.

  7. The purpose of our services is to relieve our customers and thus lay the foundation for growth and handling of additional tasks.

Murat Altuntas

Quality Management Representative

T +49 40 2265921-44