Change request VPI-EMG

The VPI European Maintenance Guide (VPI-EMG) is continuously updated and expanded as necessary by a technical working group. Alongside this working group, however, the recipients of the VPI-EMG are particularly encouraged to participate in the continuous development of the VPI-EMG and to submit corrections, additions and questions that arise during the practical application of the guide. Article 5 of the ECM Regulation also lays out the basis for this cooperation.

VERS is always pleased to receive your suggestions, feedback and additions!

Change request form

Access to the VPI-EMG is provided for a fee, meaning it is only accessible to appropriately authorised EMG recipients, and the same applies to the submission of a change request. Access authorisation can be ordered online.



Murat Altuntas

Technical specialist at VERS

T +49 40 226 59 21 - 44