Current conditions for the VPI-EMG

A fee is charged for procuring and using the VPI European Maintenance Guide (VPI-EMG). An annual service fee must be paid to VPI European Rail Service GmbH (VERS) for use of the guide. All updates and translations are included in this fee. A one-time surcharge must additionally be paid upon the first procurement. The surcharge is also due if the annual service fee was not paid in the previous year.

Annual service fee

The amount of the annual service fee is based on the size and number of the organisational units of a company / company group using the guide. There is also a differentiation between members and non-members of a UIP association. A written verification of membership must be provided by the recipient. The service fee is halved if the guide is procured for the first time after 30 September of the current year. Changes to the users of a company group must be reported to the VERS office by 31 January. Locations of a company group that are added in the course of a year will be retroactively billed for the current year with a supplemental invoice according to the cost table. There is no reimbursement for locations that are eliminated. Invoicing always takes place in the first quarter of the year. The statutory payment period of 30 days applies.

Contribution scheme for the annual service fee
Organisational unit member code member price in EUR non-member code non-member price in EUR
Keeper/ECM with more than 10,000 wagons* GM 8.000 GNM 24.000
Keeper/ECM with up to 10,000 wagons* or workshop with wheelset refurbishment HWM 3.000 HWNM 9.000
Workshop without wheelset refurbishment WM 2.500 WNM 7.500
Mobile service units or other use (e.g. consulting, training, certification) MSM 2.000 MSNM 6.000
Additional users of a company group**
Keeper/ECM with up to 10,000 wagons* or workshop with wheelset refurbishment N2M 1.000 N2NM 3.000
Workshop without wheelset refurbishment N3M 850 N3NM 2550
Mobile service units or other use (e.g. consulting, training, certification) N4M 650 N4NM 1.950

* Entire fleet of the company group

**The largest organisational unit always pays the full amount, the other units pay the respective reduced amount


First procurement

Upon first procurement of the VPI-EMG, a one-time surcharge must be paid in addition to the annual service fee:

  • EUR 2,000.00 for members of a UIP association
  • EUR 5,000.00 for non-members


Other conditions

  • The VPI-EMG is made available as a download.
  • Sharing of the VPI-EMG with third parties, even in excerpts, is not permitted without the permission of VPI European Rail Service GmbH.
  • The annual service fee covers the costs of the ongoing change service, the updates, development work and translations.
  • All translations that we offer are available to all users without restrictions. The currently available language versions can be found on the VERS website.
  • The specified costs are understood to exclude the statutory value-added tax. Deliveries to EU countries are calculated free of value-added tax only if the value-added tax identification number (VAT ID) is specified in the order form.
  • The procurement of the VPI-EMG can be terminated in writing at the end of the year with notice of 6 weeks.
  • If no payment of the annual service fee is received within the payment deadline after the third reminder, access to the VPI-EMG via the VERS website will be blocked.
  • For workshops that have been given a technical assessment by VERS, blocking of access to the VPI-EMG automatically results in revocation of the technical approval.
  • For workshops, a termination of the procurement of the VPI-EMG also results in revocation of the technical approval simultaneous with expiry of the access rights.
  • Upon termination of the membership in a UIP association, the service fee will be charged under the conditions for non-members in the following year.
  • Government agencies as well as research and educational organisations can receive the
    VPI-EMG at no charge upon request.


Edition: 01/11/2023

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