Prices and ordering the VPI-EMG

The VPI European Maintenance Guide (VPI-EMG) is divided into multiple modules and available for downloading as a completed package. A fee is charged for procuring and using, please read about the current conditions here.

The order form

Here you can download the order form for the VPI-EMG in 13 languages

  • It pays to be a member

    As a member of VPI Germany or another UIP member association, you can obtain access to the VPI-EMG at heavily reduced prices.

  • Translation into 13 languages at no additional cost

    Regardless of which contribution level you are paying for, the translations are available to all users without restriction.

  • Discount for use within a company group

    For use in a company group, discounted prices are offered if you choose central billing via the parent company.

  • Fair contribution levels for every user

    With our graduated contribution structure, you are appropriately categorised based on your use.

  • Free use for research and education

    If you use the VPI-EMG as a state agency/organisation for research and education, you can request free access.


Nicola Hilgeland

Office management VPI European Maintenance Guide

T +49 40 2265921-13