List of VPI-EMG recipients

The current recipients of the VPI-European Maintenance Guide (VPI-EMG) are listed here in alphabetical order, independent of the time of their first purchase.

All listed recipients have consented to publication of this information either in a written declaration or as a workshop that has undergone a technical assessment by VERS. All recipients who have not yet issued this declaration are listed at the bottom of the table in anonymised form.

Business activity of the recipient
A = Other, E = Railway undertaking, M = Keeper/ECM, S = Rail forwarder / rail logistics, V = Shipper, W = Workshop

Number of VPI-EMG recipients: 580
Customer no.Company namePlaceCountryBAVPI 08-ID
836CEVA Logistics GEFCO FVL CorporatePuteaux CedexFrankreichM148601
712CFL Cargo s.a.DudelangeLuxemburgW138201
317CFL technics S.A.PétangeLuxemburgW101401
317CFL technics S.A.BettembourgLuxemburgW
736CHEMET S.A.Tarrnowskie GóryPolenW140001
201Chemion Logistik GmbHDormagenDeutschlandS103401
111CIMA Riparazioni Ferroviarie S.r.l.PaglietaItalienW
111CIMA Riparazioni Ferroviarie S.r.l.BOZZOLO (MN)ItalienW103701
603Combo Wagon Service B.V.NA BeekNiederlandeW127601
695COSMEF WM s.r.l. Werk TortonaTortona (AL)ItalienW136601
695COSMEF WM s.r.l. Werk NovegroNovegro (MI)ItalienW103201
751Crossrail Benelux NVAntwerpenBelgienE141201
807CRRC Shandong Co., LTD.Jinan, ShandongChinaW145301
562CT-X Rail Service AGLuterbachSchweizW103901
916Dab Rail sp. z o. o.StrzelinPolenV151001